Massachusetts State Hockey Coaches Association



 6th Annual Garrett Reagan Hockey Summit

           Sunday, December 7    2014

         Founded by Waltham Coach and then MSHCA President John Maguire the Garrett Reagan Hockey Summit is a celebration of the spirit that legendary Hingham Coach left when he suddenly passed away shortly after his retirement from coaching.  Garrett always promoted selflessness, team first, community and school based hockey.  This marquee kick off event for the high school season is an exhibition for over 60 hockey clubs from around the state and attendance on the day is in the thousands.  The day is co sponsored by Bauer and the MSHCA.  It is a real celebration of the greatness of high school hockey.

The periods will be 15 minutes this year and in the interest of time/travel we have decided to eliminate the keynote speaker portion of the event.

Coaches - if you would like your team to participate please contact John Maguire ASAP at

Summit is Sunday, December 7 @ the NESC in Marlboro

- Full schedule will be available on the New England Sports Center events page-